Go ahead internet … mock me.

If you’re here looking for tech news and reviews of all the latest, greatest, biggest, and baddest new stuff that will set you back 6 months salary, well, move along!

That’s not what this site is about.

Or it would have a completely different name.

I’m just a guy who’s been in love with technology since the first time his school let him set up the Commodore PET that none of the staff could figure out. I believe I was 7 or 8 at the time. And now, with a child at a private boarding school in another country, I’m frickin’ BROKE until she graduates and gets a scholarship to college somewhere.

But occasionally I manage to scrape together a few bucks, or salvage a paycheck from one of my many jobs, to pick up some gear here and there. But not usually the really good stuff I want. Usually, it’s the really cheap stuff that’s either better than nothing – or at least better than what I’ve got.

I’ll guarantee I’m not the only guy in that boat. Whether it’s camera gear, phones, computers, or car stuff … eh, maybe even boats?? I’ll be posting about the stuff I’ve got, why I chose it, and the stuff I’d much rather have too, I’m sure.

I’m sure it’s REALLY going to suck for a while

– low budget tech guy

So welcome to the site. I’m keeping it low budget. Eventually I’ll even set up some social media links and get some content up on YouTube. I’ll be sure to do some reviews on that gear when I can too. I’m still a total n00b at the video content stuff, so I’m sure it’s REALLY going to suck for a while. As I opened with in the title … go ahead, mock me. I’ll probably join you – and maybe learn something in the process. Cheers!

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