Moto 360 v1 Battery Replacement

I love my Moto 360. I don’t care that it’s several years old. I don’t care that it’s still running the REALLY ancient TI OMAP processor. I especially don’t care that it did not get upgraded to Android Wear 2.x and all the problems v2 owners reported after that change. It’s a watch, it connects to my phone, it gives me notifications at a glance without looking at my phone, it tracks my walking, and I can even use it to send texts and dial calls with my voice, if I’m so inclined.

It just works.

At least until the original battery starts to crap out.

But the battery, after a few faithful years of service, was starting to go south. I couldn’t make it through half a day, and then only if I went to the extreme measure of leaving it in theatre mode … which pretty much made it useless.

Having nothing to lose, and lacking the several hundred dollars it would cost to buy a new Android Wear watch, I went to eBay in search of a replacement battery. And I found one for $21CAD!

I took to YouTube, trying to find a teardown video. I found a couple that seemed pretty complete. The one that I followed is here. As I noted in a reply to a comment, instead of a guitar pick, I used a 0.005″ metal feeler gauge to get between the back and the case to slide out the pins. (Pictured below.) A little Tac’N Stik on my desk helped keep the pins organized while I was working too.

Beginning to end, including stopping for a few photos, I had it apart, battery changed, reassembled, and on the charger in about 35 minutes. The surgery was a success, and I’m back to getting my old average of 18-27 hours, with 10 to 30% left, depending on use.

All it really took was that feeler gauge, some tweezers, an old credit card for leverage to get parts separated (like the battery from the adhesive), and a willingness to sacrifice the watch should it go horribly wrong.

Here are some pics from the process.

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