Bitter disappointment

Well, I’m sad to report my bitter disappointment with the GAMMAXX 200T cooler. After opening my tower, pulling the Wraith Stealth off, cleaning the thermal goo off of it, blobbing on the Arctic Silver 5 … Houston, we have a problem.

Does not work on the MSi B450 PRO-VDH motherboard – the clips do not line up correctly.

The brackets on the motherboard and the clips on the cooler were offset by around 3/8″. Meaning if I wanted to clip it down, I’d be leaving about 3/8″ of the CPU exposed and not being cooled.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not big on that kind of risk. So I cleaned up the 2200G again, dropped on some more Arctic Silver 5, and put the Wraith Stealth back in the case.

And since the motherboard detected that I’d removed the CPU, due to some of the original thermal compound pressing down the sides of the CPU package and wanting to clean that up, on first boot it reset the BIOS. Sooooooooooo since I was in there anyway, I decided to kick up the overclock from 3.75GHz to a nice round 3.8GHz. Now to watch the thermals and make sure all’s good.

So far, a few minutes in, it’s idling around 31°C. At 3.75, it was sitting around 26°C. I expected it to climb a few degrees, so not worried about that just yet.

Anyway, I’ve initiated the return of the 200T. At least I didn’t wait too long to try it out! I’m not sure if I’ll try to replace it or not. May just stick to the Stealth until I upgrade the CPU some day.

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