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Rii K09 Bluetooth Keyboard with RGB Backlight

This summer, my daughter received an updated iPad for school, which includes Apple Pencil support for her art projects. That means I ‘inherited’ her old 2017 iPad. Good as it is at most things, it really falls short without a good external keyboard. Being notoriously low budget, I went scouring the depths of the Amazon

Vankyo CM7000 Commander Gaming Headset – Part 2

I’ll admit – I didn’t expect this to happen so quickly, or I would have waited to post yesterday’s review on the Vankyo CM7000 Commander Gaming Headset. So I was SHOCKED when Canada Post knocked on my door at lunch with an Amazon package. Firstly, I didn’t expect it to come from Amazon, since I

Vankyo CM7000 Commander Gaming Headset – Part 1

This is going to be a review in two parts. Why? Because the unit I received from Amazon about a week ago has a defective microphone. That gives me a chance to review something I don’t often get to with “cheap” tech – support. Now, when I say the mic is defective, this is what

Skagen Falster 2 WearOS Watch – 48% Off

If you’re on the lookout for an affordable WearOS smartwatch, Best Buy Canada is taking $90 off the Skagen Falster 2 right now. (Non-affiliate link) Yes, it says sale ends March 19, 2020 – but they often extend these things if they don’t sell as many as they hope to. UPDATE (3/20): To my surprise,

MotoMaster 600A 12V Jump Starter

I’m a procrastinator. I’m EXCELLENT at putting things off. In fact, it’s been at least three years now that I’ve been saying that I need to pick up a little battery booster pack for inevitable dead winter batteries. It won’t be four years. There’s a great deal on this week at Canadian Tire on the

Smart !nk Cartridges

My biggest reservation about trying non-Canon ink was always whether or not the 3rd party inks used proper pigment inks in the black tanks that are supposed to be pigment ink. And I couldn't find an answer anywhere! So I took a gamble.

MPOW EG3 Gaming Headset

Last June I picked up an MPOW USB headset on the cheap from Amazon. This one, in fact. (NOT an affiliate link.) It was great because it was a USB connection, BUT the headset itself used a 3.5mm jack plugged into the USB controller. Made it easy to use with my phone if I wanted

Free Google Home Mini for Canadians

It’s not terribly often that a decent deal comes to Canadians. I mean, we see them all the time in the US – and yeah, we totally watch those special offers with envy unless we have a US credit card and address to use. But not today. Today, until May 9th or supplies run out,