Bitter disappointment

Well, I’m sad to report my bitter disappointment with the GAMMAXX 200T cooler. After opening my tower, pulling the Wraith Stealth off, cleaning the thermal goo off of it, blobbing on the Arctic Silver 5 … Houston, we have a problem. The brackets on the motherboard and the clips on the cooler were offset by

Graphics Upgrade

Last month, when I bought my Ryzen build parts, I also picked up a great deal on a used ASUS GTX 760 graphics card. It arrived today! I admittedly was going to wait until my Arctic Silver 5 arrived tomorrow, and pull it apart and give it some fresh paste, but I’m impatient. So I

I Can Haz Microphone?

Okay, sure, I had some audio input options before. I have an Mpow USB/3.5mm headset, which was $30CAD on Amazon. And I really quite like it. Comfy, sounds decent, and for Skype/Zoom/GoTo meetings, it’s very clear and works quite well. But for voice over work, it’s not … clean. I do also love the fact

Moto 360 v1 Battery Replacement

I love my Moto 360. I don’t care that it’s several years old. I don’t care that it’s still running the REALLY ancient TI OMAP processor. I especially don’t care that it did not get upgraded to Android Wear 2.x and all the problems v2 owners reported after that change. It’s a watch, it connects

Budget Ryzen Build

Late in 2018, I wanted to create some screencast/howto videos for one of my jobs. I always thought my older laptop (an Acer Aspire R5 471T) was pretty snappy. Then I tried editing simple 1080p videos with some Fusion effects/titles in Davinci Resolve 15 and had my world fall apart. So I decided that as

Go ahead internet … mock me.

If you’re here looking for tech news and reviews of all the latest, greatest, biggest, and baddest new stuff that will set you back 6 months salary, well, move along! That’s not what this site is about. Or it would have a completely different name. I’m just a guy who’s been in love with technology