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Vankyo CM7000 Commander Gaming Headset – Part 1

This is going to be a review in two parts. Why? Because the unit I received from Amazon about a week ago has a defective microphone. That gives me a chance to review something I don’t often get to with “cheap” tech – support. Now, when I say the mic is defective, this is what

MotoMaster 600A 12V Jump Starter

I’m a procrastinator. I’m EXCELLENT at putting things off. In fact, it’s been at least three years now that I’ve been saying that I need to pick up a little battery booster pack for inevitable dead winter batteries. It won’t be four years. There’s a great deal on this week at Canadian Tire on the

I Can Haz Microphone?

Okay, sure, I had some audio input options before. I have an Mpow USB/3.5mm headset, which was $30CAD on Amazon. And I really quite like it. Comfy, sounds decent, and for Skype/Zoom/GoTo meetings, it’s very clear and works quite well. But for voice over work, it’s not … clean. I do also love the fact